Edward's Institute of Technology

User Guide for OneTraining

1 - Login

First, you have to login to login to 1Training platform by using your logins.

Login page

2- The Dashboard

Once you logged in, you will be redirected to the 1Training dashboard. On the dashboard, you have 5 important blocks.

1 – Course Overview: This is where your courses are listed (courses you’re enrolled to).

2 – Online Users: In this block you can see all the students and teachers that are online. You can send messages to anyone just by clicking the message icon beside the name.

3 – Navigation: The navigation it’s like a menu. You can use it to navigate through the platform.

4 – Courses: This is where the courses are listed (not only the ones you’re enrolled to).

5 – Promotion: In this block, we will publish our course promotions.

3 - Course

When you click on a course you are enrolled to, you will be leaded to that page on the right. In that page, un have in the center:

  • Announcements: Where your tutor publish announcements.
  • Your course topics or chapters
  • Each topics or chapters are usually followed by practices and exercices

The practice or exercice preceded by an icon representing a hand holding a sheet, is the one you need to submit to the tutor.

4 - Submission Button

To submit an exercice, you need to scroll to the bottom of the exercice’s page. Then you have to click on the “ADD SUBMISSION" button. See the picture on the right.

5 - The Submission Area

Once you have clicked on the “ADD SUBMISSION" button, a file submission area will appear. Then, you drag and drop your exercice directly in the input area or you can click on the blue arrow and browse in your file manager to find your exercice. See picture on the right.