Edward's Institute of Technology

Moodle App

You can now access our online platform directly on your phone or tablet by using the Moodle app. You can download the app on the links below.

How to use the Moodle app

1 - Installing the app

Access one of the link above dependending on your phone or tablet’s operating system and install the app. Once it has installed, open the app. The screen will looks like on the image on the right.

2 - Connect to OneTraining

Once you open the app, you will need to connect it to the OneTraining platform. To do so, enter that address [moodle.ecf.cns.com.vu] on the input area provided, then click on “Connect". See the picture on the right.

3 - Login

Now you just need to enter your username and your password, and you are good to go.